National Grilled Cheese Day

Yesterday was National Grilled Cheese Day and Ample Bites celebrated by making an artisan grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. Grilled cheese sandwiches go great with leftover soup.

Grilled White Cheese with Roasted Red Peppers, Caramelized Onions and Basil
Mark Kelly

Serves 1

2 small slices of aged Provolone cheese
2 small slices of Asiago cheese
2 small slices of Fontina cheese
2 small red bell peppers, halved, seeded, roasted and peeled
1 large red onion, sliced and caramelized
2 basil leaves, shredded
2 slices of sourdough bread
3 pats of unsalted butter

Butter one side of each slice of bread. Dress the unbuttered side of one slice with a layer of the Provolone and Asiago cheeses. Place a slice of roasted red pepper on top of the cheese and then the basil. Place the Fontina cheese on top of the basil and top the sandwich with the other slice of bread, butter side up.

Warm a heavy cast iron or non-stick skillet over medium heat for 5 minutes. Add one pat of butter and melt. When the butter is melted place the sandwich in the skillet with the Fontina cheese side up and reduce the heat to medium-low. Cover the sandwich loosely with foil or a pan lid and cook for 3 minutes or until bread is golden brown. Flip the sandwich over and repeat the cooking process until the bread on the other side is golden brown.

Remove the sandwich and serve immediately with you favorite sides.