O’Maddy’s Bar and Grille – Gulfport, FL

O’Maddy’s Bar and Grille in Gulfport, Florida is a classic beachside pub that serves well-prepared, eclectic food along with more than a dozen draft beers, an extensive wine list, and the full variety of beach cocktails.


Ample Bites visited on a Tuesday, which is the day that Gulfport holds their Fresh Market along Beach Drive. The market features local artists, handmade Florida trinkets, a few food tents, and fresh fruits and vegetables. The stores along Beach Drive are packed with art and souvenirs appealing to most any shopper. Because the market was being held O’Maddy’s was packed and we had about a 30 minute wait to be seated. The wait was worth it!


Two of us enjoyed the Lobster BLT and we concurred that it was like a Lobster Roll on steriods. The sandwich had a ton of lobster in it. It had just enough mayonnaise on the lobster salad but not too much and the applewood smoked bacon was a perfect accompaniment for the ripe tomato slices. It was served with a side of perfectly crispy french fries.


Others in our party enjoyed two different fish sandwiches. The Triple-Tail Sandwich featured a flaky white fish that was served on a hefty marble rye bread with a pesto aioli and provolone cheese. The other was the Florida classic Grouper Sandwich.


While we dined we noticed that that burgers looked amazing and their was even a Lobster and Bacon Pizza, which is likely to be sampled by Ample Bites on a return visit.

If you ever venture to Gulfport make sure to walk down Beach Drive to the old casino on the end of the street, take a left and go the block and a half to O’Maddy’s and enjoy the experience. Finally, just a quick tip, make sure to bring a hat and sunglasses because most of the tables are right out in the beautiful, warm Florida sun.

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