Easy Ways to Move More Each Day

As a new food blogger I find myself spending an inordinate amount of my time sitting at my desk writing articles, searching for new and interesting content, and following the writing of others. I find that I simply don’t move nearly enough during the course of my typical day. I do get exercise when I am off to do my regular distance training runs and my core work at the gym but sometimes it seems like it is not enough. What worries me even more are the recent articles about the dangers of sitting which describe the health risks as being similar to both smoking and overeating.

This article from the Food Network blog describes five simple ways to be better and feel better.

Five Ways to Move More

I plan to start doing all five things more regularly starting today. If you spend your days sitting as much as I do, I hope you will, too. If you have other ideas about this topic to share with me and my readers, please do share your comments.

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