Ample Bites Farm Update

Phase two of the planting of the Ample Bites vegetable farm is nearly complete.

Plot ready for planting of tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and squash

The month-old plantings of onions, beets, lettuce, carrots and beans are coming along nicely. The potato plants have been in for a couple of days. Today we planted the tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and squash. Seeing the plants in place is a joy and makes me think about the tastes of summer.

In order to plant every thing we need to re-till the soil by hand and shovel and pull out the weeds that have grown in the month since the plot was roto-tilled. After the plants were in the ground the areas between them was covered with a layer of newspaper and a topping of straw. The final step was watering the plants, and the newspaper and straw to keep it from blowing away in the strong winds.

Now we have our fingers crossed for a nice soaking rain that is predicted for the overnight hours. Rain water seems to bring nutrients that we just can’t get from the well-water available to us at the garden plot.

Now it time for Ample Bites to hit the shower to rinse the sunscreen and dirt and soothe some tired old muscles.

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