Le Creuset or Lodge?

If you are stumped about what to give a loved one who is a cooking enthusiast this holiday season consider Le Creuset or Lodge cookware. You cannot go wrong with either companies products. To learn more – read on!

Ample Bites loves to make one-pot dishes, such as stews or gumbos, and braise meats and vegetables. The best vessels to use for these cooking methods are the enameled cast-iron pots made by Le Creuset and Lodge.

These types of pots are also sometimes referred to as Dutch ovens – in fact. Le Creuset, which is a French word meaning crucible, refers to some of their products as “French Ovens”. Both companies manufacture pots spanning a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors. Enameled cast-iron pots can be used on a cooktop or in an oven. These heavy pots hold and efficiently radiate heat during the cooking process. When properly cared for Le Creuset and Lodge can be used for decades or even generations.

Neither Le Creuset nor Lodge cookware is inexpensive with products starting just below $100, for the smaller Lodge models, and going upwards of $400, for the largest Le Creuset pots.


Lodge is an American company based in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, where one of their outlet stores is also located. Lodge makes both enameled cookware and plain cast-iron items, including traditional Dutch ovens which are designed to be used in a fire, as well as a full array of accessories like insulated handles and spoons.


Le Creuset is a French company based in Fresnoy-La-Grand in the North of France. Le Creuset also produces a vast catalog of accessories but all of their cookware is enameled.


Regardless of whether you choose to acquire Le Creuset or Lodge cookware you simply can’t go wrong. Your decision is likely to come down to what size pot and what color to select. Happy shopping!

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