The Wagyu Wagon – A Chicago Food Truck

This past weekend Ample Bites had the occasion to sample the fare of one of the Chicago food trucks and it was very impressive. The Wagyu Wagon, adorned with a red Chicago Bulls head in place of the “y” in Wagyu, was parked in Butler Field, at the very northwest end of Grant Park. There were a few other food trucks in the park to feed the crowd attending the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Girl Scouts of America. The Wagyu Wagon was easy to find because it had a consistent line of 25 to 40 people.

The Wagyu Wagon is the creation of Chef Aaron Crumbaugh. The beef he uses in his burgers is, of course, the high-quality Wagyu beef. Wagyu contains a higher percentage of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and is lower in cholesterol than typical beef. The Wagyu Wagon travels the streets of Chicago and is also available for private events. To find out more about The Wagyu Wagon visit their website

Ample Bites was intrigued about why people would stand in line for upwards of an hour for lunch so I went to check out the menu. The Wagyu Wagon fare is simple but well conceived. The current menu consists of two burgers, two hot dogs and a french fry item that was loaded with a chili-like topping. The menu changes from season to season.

One burger is a basic cheeseburger with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and a roasted garlic mayo for $8.00. The other burger, called “The Juddly“, is a masterpiece that is topped with bourbon caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, swiss cheese and a roasted garlic aioli for $10.00. The burgers come with french fries are cooked to order. My Juddly was a perfect medium-rare, as I requested, and it was one of the best hamburgers I have had in quite a while.

The basic hot dog with fries is $4.00. The “Charra Dog” is topped with a mixture of chorizo, bacon, beans and drizzled with an avocado crema for $6.00. The same topping smothers the $3.00 “Charra Fries“.

If you see The Wagyu Wagon parked along one of Chicago’s streets serving Chef Crumbaugh’s savory fare, be sure to take the time to check out the current menu and partake in one or more of The Wagyu Wagon specialties.

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