Very Good and Inexpensive Red Wines

How often have you agonized over selecting a wine for a special dinner you are making? Are you at a loss for a wine selection for a party gift? Most people worry about these things. The natural solutions are to a) buy a more expensive wine, so as to make a good impression, b) pick a “reserve” wine from a familiar name (for example: Mondavi, Jacob’s Creek, Fetzer), or c) pick a wine based on the design of the label.

Ample Bites is pleased to introduce you to two proven selections that are relatively inexpensive but bold red wine.

The first selection is a wine that we found during a trip to Florence, Italy. While we tasted amazing wines in the nearby vineyards of Tuscany, and I might add loved them all, we found this in a local wine and spirits store near our hotel. We have since found the Santa Christina 2010 Toscana at Binny’s Beverage Depot and at liquor stores in South Carolina and St. Pete Beach, Florida. The price is normally $8 – 10 for a 750ml bottle. The taste profile resembles the better Chianti Classico wines of Italy.

We found the second selection by experimenting with some of the Spanish offerings at our local Binny’s. Rioja produces the Montecillo 2007 Crianza. This bold, tannic red wine usually costs $9 – 12. We have not found it in as many stores as the Santa Christina. This wine is a favorite of our around Thanksgiving and Christmas, when we are hosting large, sit-down, dinner parties. The taste profile of Crianza holds up well to most rich holiday entrees like beef rib roast, roast turkey, and ham.

Ample Bites hopes you enjoy these wines and we look forward to hearing your recommendation of reds, and whites, that you have enjoyed. Cheers!

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