Great Sources for Gourmet Products and Ingredients

Over the past few weeks Ample Bites has learned about some great web-based sources of gourmet products and ingredients. Even though Ample Bites is an advocate for buying food locally, the Internet is a fantastic global food market where the home cook can find high-quality ingredients that may not be available to them locally. This is especially true and most applicable to oils, vinegars, sauces, spices and specialty ingredients.

Among the favorites that Ample Bites has found to date are:

Adoboloco is a Hawaiian company that makes small batch hot sauces including a jalapeno, habenero, and thai chile sauces.

Ashman Manufacturing Company makes spice blends, marinades, and sauces including KimKim Korean Hot Sauce, a 2012 NASFT Sofi Gold Award winning sauce.

Back to the Roots makes an interesting, but somewhat expensive, mushroom kit that generates about a pound and a half of high-quality fresh mushrooms. Ample Bites has tried the oyster mushroom kit and enjoyed the harvest.

DeMedici Imports sells oils, vinegars, spices and sauces that are imported primarily from Italy.

Fruit of the Land carries a variety of vegetable and fruit products including an outstanding line of gourmet tapenades.

Sullivan Harbor Farm is an East Coast purveyor of smoked salmon and other seafood products.

Vermont Creamery produces and distributes gourmet butters and cheeses.

All of these companies have on-line stores and several of them publish newsletters that can be subscribed to via email or through Facebook and Twitter. The newsletters offer recipes and information about production processes and health facts.

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